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Listen to Mason City Clinic physicians discuss a variety of important patient health and medical topics.

CardioMEMs Heart Failure System

Dr. Nasr talks about how CardioMems Heart Failure System can help people who live with heart failure decrease their hospitalizations, and increase their quality of life.


Sports Injury & Physical Therapy

Jared talks about why all types of athletes are more at risk for straining and spraining their muscles and ligaments — and how these injuries can be treated through physical therapy, and how to prevent them if possible.


TAVR (transaortic valve replacement)

Dr. Siddiqui talks about a surgery called TAVR a relatively new heart surgery which is less invasive than open-heart surgery; who is a candidate for it and what are the outcomes for patients who have had it.



Dr. Adams explains what a Vasectomy procedure is and why and how it is a successful birth control procedure for men and their partners.


Depression Symptoms & Treatment

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Lassise talks about the symptoms and signs of depression and the best treatment options for seeking help.


Allergic Rhinitis or “Hay Fever”

The blooming flowers and trees mean Spring in Iowa is here, but it also signals the beginning of hay fever season. Many of us know it all too well – runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing. Well today we have Dr. Javen Wunschel with us to talk about allergic rhinitis, better known as hay fever.

Hand and Wrist Therapy

Deb K., Occupational Therapist, discusses the importance of hand and wrist therapy when recovering from an injury.

GERD and Linx Procedure

Dr. Matthew Fabian, a General Surgeon at the Mason City Clinic, will discuss how best to prevent and treat GERD, or reflux disease, and tell us about a new minimally invasive procedure that brings relief to people who struggle with the chronic symptoms of this disease.

Prostate Cancer

Interview with Kevin Rier, MD, Board Certified Urologist, about one of the most common, yet treatable cancers in men, prostate cancer. How to test for it and how it’s treated.

Sleep Apnea

Interview with Phillip Lee, MD, Board Certified, ENT & Sleep Physician, about one of the most common, yet undiagnosed sleep breathing disorders, sleep apnea. Dr. Lee explains symptoms of sleep apnea, how to test for it and the variety of treatments for it.

Women’s Heart Disease

Interview with Denisa Hagau, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist, about how to prevent and treat heart disease in women, and how the symptoms are very different in women than in men.

Neck Arthritis

Interview with Ron Kloc, DO, Interventional Pain Medicine Physician about an innovative treatment that is bringing relief to people living with painful and debilitating neck arthritis.

Common Foot & Ankle Injuries, and Treatment

Interview with Michael B. Scherb, MD, Board Certified, Orthopaedic Surgeon, about the prevention and treatments for foot and ankle fractures and sprains, as well as how to treat arthritis of the foot, ankle and toes.

GERD & the Linx Procedure

Interview with Dr. Matthew W. Fabian, DO about GERD and the Linx Procedure. Dr. Fabian to give free patient talk about GERD and the Linx Procedure on Tuesday, October 8th, at 6 PM, at the Mason City Clinic, Northbridge Mall, Albert Lea.

Inspire Therapy

Interview with Timothy Dettmer, MD, ENT physician on Inspire Therapy, an alternative to CPAP for people with Sleep Apnea. Dr. Dettmer to give free patient talk about Inspire Therapy on Tuesday, September 24th, 6 PM, Mason City Clinic, Northbridge Mall, Albert Lea.

Weight Loss Surgery

Interview with Dr. Matthew W. Fabian, DO on Obesity and weight loss surgery. Dr. Fabian to provide a FREE seminar to help you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you on October 2nd at 6 PM at Northbridge Mall in Albert Lea.


Listen to Dr. Timothy Mulholland, board-certified urologist discuss a very common birth control procedure for men, vasectomy. Aired June 4, 2019.

Prostate Cancer – Diagnosis & Treatment

Listen to Dr. Christopher Adams, board certified urologist talk with KWAY radio about a very common cancer that men face, prostate cancer. Aired May 14, 2019.

Seasonal Allergies

Listen to Dr. Trisha Thoma, board-certified ENT talk with KLMJ radio about allergy season. Aired May 30, 2019.

Finger Joint Replacement

Listen to Dr. Rene Recinos, board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon discuss finger joint replacement surgery for arthritis. Aired October 6, 2018.

Robotics & Surgery

Listen to Dr. Harsha Jayawardena, board-certified general surgeon discuss how the DaVinci Robotic System is helping surgeons perform many types of surgeries less invasively and with more accuracy. Aired August 25, 2018.

Carotid Artery Disease & Peripheral Artery Disease of the Leg

Listen to Dr. Jeffrey Rowe, board-certified vascular surgeon discuss carotid artery disease & peripheral artery disease of the leg. Aired October 27, 2016.

Foot & Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

Listen to Dr. Michael Scherb, board-certified orthopedic surgeon discuss foot and ankle reconstruction and surgery. Aired July 29, 2016.

Surgical Intervention of Ear Infections or Tonsils Removal

Listen to Dr. Henry Diggelmann, board-certified ENT, head & neck surgeon, talk with KGLO 1300 AM’s Tim Fleming about when you should consider surgical intervention for ear infections or removal of tonsils in children. Aired April 28, 2016.

Prostate Cancer – Diagnosis & Treatment

Listen to Dr. Christopher Adams, board-certified urologist talk with KGLO 1300 AM’s Tim Fleming about prostate cancer, who gets it and how to prevent, diagnose and treat it.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Laser & Skincare Center

Listen to Kris Loterbauer, a registered nurse at Mason City Clinic’s Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Laser and Skincare Center, discuss some nonsurgical treatments that can take away unwanted signs of aging like facial or body hair, wrinkles, skin discoloration and spider veins. Aired November 19, 2015.

Prevention and Treatment of ACL Tears for Young Athletes

Listen to Dr. Tim Gibbons, board certified orthopaedic surgeon offer advice on prevention and treatment for ACL tears in young and middle-aged athletes. Aired November 11, 2015.

How We Help Relieve Pain For You

Listen to Dr. Ronald Kloc, board-certified anesthesiologist with special qualifications in pain medicine, talk about a targeted approach to modify or destroy troublesome pain generators that affect a person’s quality of life. Aired September 24, 2015.

How To Treat Incontinence, In Men & Women

Listen to Dr. Christopher Adams, board certified urologist, talk about incontinence. Aired August 27, 2015.

Body Contouring

Listen to Dr. Rene Recinos, board-certfied plastic and reconstructive surgeon, talk with KGLO-1300 AM’s Jesse Stewart about body contouring, a safe and effective way to tighten up loose and baggy skin after weight loss surgery. Aired July 30, 2015.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Listen to Dr. Darron Jones, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, talk about joint (knee, hip, shoulder) replacement surgery. Aired June 25, 2015.

Sleep Disorders – Diagnosing & Treating

Listen to Dr. Phillip Lee, board-certified ENT and sleep medicine expert, discuss diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, specifically sleep apnea. Aired May 28, 2015.

Allergies – Prevention & Treatment

Listen to Dr. Timothy Dettmer, a board certified ENT, discuss allergy prevention and treatment. Aired April 23, 2015.

Colon Cancer – Warnings, Prevention & Treatment

Listen to Dr. Manhal Tannous, board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, discuss colon cancer: its risks, warning signs and best ways to prevent and treat it. Aired March 26, 2015.

Heart Disease

Listen to Dr. Matthew Flemming, a board-certified cardiologist, discuss America’s #1 health issue: heart disease. Aired February 26, 2015.

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