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Dante Dali, DO

Dante Dali, DO

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Board-Certified: American Board of Surgery

Fellowship: East Carolina University Vidant Medical Center, Greenville NC

Residency: Mercy Medical Center General Surgery Residency Program, Des Moines, IA

DO: Des Moines University, Des Moines, IA

“There are very few jobs that offer the level of job satisfaction that this field of Cardiothoracic Surgery does.  We are able to take care of patients by performing life-saving operations on a daily basis. It is a rare privilege to practice in the field of CT surgery, where the results of each and every intervention can be quite dramatic when the problem at hand is corrected so directly and definitively. Nowhere more so than CT surgery is I am reminded each day how fragile human lives are and how quickly things can change. These sudden changes can make all the difference for my patients, and while such situations are admittedly stressful and demanding, they provide for me the opportunity to let my dedication, knowledge, dexterity, and love of people shine.

Cardiothoracic surgery is a fascinating specialty that demands an immense amount of intellectual curiosity and its continued evolution excites and stimulates me. In my general surgery training, I soon discovered that Cardiothoracic surgery as a field combined all the things I loved most about general surgery: diverse pathology and high case volume involving a spectrum of technique from minimally invasive to open vascular surgery, critical care, and exciting new technologies involving endovascular stenting and transcatheter valve replacement. Nowhere was this more apparent than my first CABG case: a complex puzzle with each piece falling into place at its designated time. Every team member knew their role, with even the smallest flicker of motion during such technically complex procedures that are made with such purpose and grace under pressure directly related to patient outcomes and I knew I wanted to become part of this coordinated effort to help this very sick patient.”

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