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Roger Kuck, Orthopedic Surgery Patient, (Hip Replacement)

Getting the hip replacement surgery done at 60 was the best decision I made 

Roger was always very active, but a few years ago his hip started to bother him. When he would go to bed at night the pain was very severe.  “I would have to lay on the floor and put my legs up on the couch to relieve the pain,” said Roger.

His orthopedic surgeon at the Mason City Clinic Dr. Darron Jones said, “I can give you cortisone shots, but this is a quality of life question. How much more time do you want to be in pain?” So Roger opted for a hip replacement surgery.

One other motivation for the hip surgery was that his brother-in-law wanted him to walk the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. One year after the surgery, Roger walked a total of 26 miles in 18 hours with his brother-in-law, rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon.

Today Roger bikes, kayaks and camps, mows the yard, and can go for a 5 mile walk.

“Getting the hip replacement surgery done at 60 years old was the best decision I made versus waiting 5 or 10 years longer.  At an earlier age, you can recover successfully and it gives you more quality time.” Roger said.

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