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Eliminating Chronic Medication Allergies – A Mother’s Perspective

Jodi Suntken, of Mason City and mother of 2 boys, was desperate to achieve two things: be sick less and be well more. In an effort to combat her chronic sinus infections, she consulted with Dr. Henry Diggelmann at Mason City Clinic’s ENT Department. Via CT scan, he discovered Jodi was born missing her frontal sinuses. Said Jodi, “Everyone usually has four sinus cavities: two maxillary (below your eyes), and two frontal (above your eyebrows).

Jodi seen here with her son at a baseball tournament

Because he could not perform surgery to create these cavities for me, I was referred to Dr. Javen Wunschel, DO, allergist/immunologist with his practice. She told me that by undergoing “challenges” to my medication allergies in her office, I could possibly discover I was no longer allergic to the seven different medication allergies listed in my medical records and free up treatment options for myself. I had no idea it was possible to outgrow your allergies to prescription drugs.”

According to Jodi, the process was simple. She was given the drugs listed as allergies on her medical records in increasing amounts over time under Dr. Wunschel’s supervision in her office. Said Jodi, “If no life threatening symptoms of anaphylactic shock occurred, it was proven that I had “reactions” to these drugs previously, and I was not truly allergic to them.

Therefore, I can now be given many drugs to treat my sinus infections (as well as other illnesses) that were previously believed to be unavailable to me. I am amazed and grateful that I have been able to eliminate three of my drug allergies up to this point. This has been potentially life changing for me. In the future, my doctors now have so many additional options to treat me that were previously listed as ‘allergies’ in my medical records. I feel so grateful and fortunate to have had this level of care available to me at the Mason City Clinic!”

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