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CardioMEMs Heart Failure System Is Helping Patients Get Treated Faster

New remote monitoring system CardioMEMs Heart Failure System is helping patients get treated faster, stay out of the hospital and improve their quality of life

Cardiologist Youssef Nasr, MD talks about a new remote monitoring system for patients who live with heart failure called the CardioMEMS Heart Failure (HF) System. The CardioMEMS HF System remotely monitors changes in a person’s pulmonary artery (PA) pressure, an early indicator of the onset of worsening heart failure.

These early changes can often be addressed through simple adjustments such as titration of medications, most often without requiring an appointment with the patient. Traditionally, clinicians have focused on physiological markers (patient weight, blood pressure, etc.) to detect worsening heart failure. Unfortunately, these markers appear late and relying on them leaves little time to respond before hospitalization is necessary.

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